Workshop in Progress!

Workshop in Progress!
Pay attention now Ladies....

Friday, 7 January 2011

Back to business

Hi everyone and a great big Happy New Year to you all. I have to say sorry for being a naughty blogger I know i haven't blogged since befor Christmas but i have been in the Caribean for two weeks , so im sure you will all feel  sorry for me now {not}.  But im back now allinspired and ready for crafting, at the moment i have blue hands im spritzing as if my life depended on it. OOOOOwhat fun I love it.Any way i wanted to show you the card sue made and the calender we did in class with januarys project club stamps.  It is quite time consuming but so much fun, it really is a fab set and will be available to buy from our website from the beginning of feb.  Also there wasn't enough room to put all the months in the set so we were going to add them throughout the year, but i felt sorry for all you loyal members and decided to give you a free gift so you will recieve them in febs project pack any way here it is.

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