Workshop in Progress!

Workshop in Progress!
Pay attention now Ladies....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

im back

 I know I know I am naughty, but im back now.  Don't be cruel i am busy doing my house up .  Doesn't mean ive not been crafty though. So don't worry ive got a new date for cxc 27 march 10 oclock yes i know its NEC weekend but a lot of the crafters won't do tv cos its NEC but i don't mind.  What about all the crafters who can't get there.  And wait till you see what set we have for you it's brill. ( class members you can see it tonight) i will take some pic later and blog them for you, (see im not that bad LOL)


  1. They sure are GREAT ladies.:)) you will love them . so looking forward to using them , they should go down well at C&C , especially if your on with Martyn lol.

  2. Hi Aly

    So glad you are back on here, I've missed you!
    I'm so looking forward to the next show on C&C, I've made a note in my diary already!
    Looking forward to seeing any samples (of anything!) before then!
    Take care
    Debs xx